A Personal Message From Pigman

Hey There Pig Nation!

I got an important personal message I want to share with ya.

It’s something that’s been sitting on my chest for a while now.

But, before I share it with you…

I gotta say thank you so much!

Thanks for supporting everything we’re doing here with Pigman: The Series and Pigman TV.

I hope y’all can tell how much fun we’re having on the show.

Well guess what. All the PINCHIN we get on video… All the SHANKIN you see on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram…It’s all happenin because you got my back.

Honestly… none of it’d be possible without your support.

I wish I could say thank you by handing you a backstrap and a Free hat right this second.

But since I can’t…

I got an important message I wanted to share with you.

I Can’t Give You Some BackStrap
But I Can Give You This

Look, for everything y’all have done for me…

It’s time I do something for y’all.

You're the people who support me and help me PINCH all day and all night.

So my way of returning the favor is to give ya exclusive access to my membership website.

It’s called Pigman’s Inner Circle.

While I know you’ll love my Inner Circle, I’ve got to let you know it ain’t for everyone.

It’s only for people who know we’d be great friends if we live in the same town...and it’s only for people who don’t mind getting blood on their hands to put a meal on the table.

Fair warning - Only people who get an invitation to join my Inner Circle are allowed in.

Good news is if you’re seeing this page right now you’re invited to join up.

Joining my Inner Circle gets ya insider access to me and my sponsors.

It’s also the best way I know of to PINCH on a budget…

And it’s the only way to PINCH with me in person - and hang out with me online.

Look at what these guys said about about my Inner Circle.

7 Reasons You’ll Love My Inner Circle

Some of the closest friends I’ve made over the past few years came from meeting people in the Inner Circle.

Which is sayin somethin cause I’m a busy guy, always traveling and putting the hurt down on big and small game alike.

And while traveling and filming is a dream come true…

It means I don’t get to meet up with my supporters nearly as much as I’d like to.

The Inner Circle’s your way to meet up with me, no matter where you are.

Every month I make sure I got time in my schedule to hang out with ya.

Only Inner Circle members are allowed to join my hang outs, and when we’re together you can ask whatever you want, tell me your favorite jokes, or hear some of mine.

These hangouts are also where I share my best hunting secrets (these don’t get shared on the show) give you special discount codes on ammo, guns and more.

I love the hangouts because I get to be me around my favorite people.


Lemme be honest about something. As much as I’d like to hand out discounts to people who ask for em on Facebook, I just can’t.

My sponsors only give out a limited number of discounts every year, and when they do, I like to hand them out to people who I consider friends.

Inner Circle members are the ones I like sharing my discounts with. Sometimes you’re going to get them before DAP and Just Junie do.

Here’s another crazy thing you gotta know. Even though I’m the executive producer of my show that doesn’t always mean my favorite clips get on TV.

Inner Circle members get to see the real deal “behind the scenes” footage that don’t make it on TV or social media.

You’ll get to see clips way before they’re on TV and sometimes if I feel like it I’ll send em to y’all before I give them to my producers.

If y’all ever said to yourself “I’d love to go on a hunt with Pigman” this is how it happens.

First you’ll get first dibs at private hunting opportunities like Shank Fest, Kill and Chill at Dap's, Triple Q and Maynard Creek before anyone else does.

And if I’m going to be in your neck of the woods this is how you find out first.

Being in my Inner Circle means any and all hunts that could get you PINCHIN beside me are mentioned to you first.

If you’re one of the ones who joins up quick enough you’ll get to come and hunt with me before anyone anywhere else even knows I went on a trip!

This alone will be worth the price of admission! Imagine Dap after about 3 drinks, live on video inside the members area, answering questions and sharing some of the craziest hunting stories you've ever heard around a virtual campfire.

You never know what's gonna come out of ol' Dap's mouth…

But you’ll be the only to hear it...

And that’s just a small sample of everything you get when you’re joined up in PIC.

So You Wanna Join?

I’m hoping you said yes.

Because I want ya in my Inner Circle.

I want anyone who loves America and all she stands for and appreciates our freedom to hunt God’s critters in this club.

Now I gotta warn you.

Like I mentioned earlier not everyone who wants in can join.

Just because you’re reading this and got an invitation doesn’t guarantee your spot is going to be available tomorrow.

That’s because I limit how many people get in the Inner Circle.

The Inner Circle ain’t some generic membership club anyone can join.

I keep it nice and small since I’m trying to keep a nice tight community.

And if too many people joined up, how in the world am I gonna do that?

If you wanna join all you gotta do is click the green button below.

Here are the Details On Joining Up

Like I mentioned, Pigman’s Inner Circle ain’t no ordinary club.

How could it be with me running it?

The way it works is like this. Membership is just $37 a month or $370 a year (you save 17% when you sign up for a year)

Those membership fees all go towards helping you saving money on PINCHING and SHANKIN.

You paying in helps me get discounts from my sponsors who then pass on some crazy discounts for y’all.

You’ll never see discounts like this anywhere else. These are even bigger than the ones they run on Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

Here’s who’s gear you’re getting a chance to save on.

We’re Talking About Discounts Like

  • 51% off Hornady Ammo (join today and you get the craziest deal on Hornady you’ve ever seen).
  • 37% off Elusive Wildlife
  • 30% off Feradyne
  • 28% off Leuopold glass and optics

And the list goes on my friend.

Not to mention you can leave this club anytime you want.

If you decide my friendship or the discounts aren’t worth sticking around for… or you just want to save on membership fees for a few months so you can come back later... you can cancel anytime.

No harm no foul because I completely understand.

But I doubt you’re going to leave.

Because when you join today for $37 a month I’m going to give you more than $312 worth of savings on gear from all my sponsors and my shop.

Even better, when you join today I’ll give you an instant discount of $60 on one of my most popular pieces of gear.

Ain’t no other way to save $60 on this piece of gear so I hope it’s obvious I’m serious about making the Inner Circle worth it to you.

Plus, when you join I’ll be shipping you some Free stuff from the store.

That’s right, join up today and you’ll get a Free Pigman Hat and a Free Tactical Backpack 40L!

But WAIT - There’s More!

Not only are you going to bag all those sweet discounts as a member of the Inner Circle...

I’m also going to give you tons of chances to win Free stuff from my sponsors.

We’re talking bows, thermals, guns, you name it! I do giveaways every single month.

I do this because I want your membership to be incredibly valuable so you can get to SHANKIN.

Plus, I’ll also be connecting you with special offers from companies that I know and trust.

Companies who you’d never hear of otherwise… but who can help you enjoy the heck out of your life.

Not to mention I’m gonna give you discounts on anything Pigman Gear related.

As a member of the Inside, you'll receive steep discounts on all apparel and in some cases... Pigman exclusive brand products that no one else can get.

Sounds good, don’t it Jimmy?

Go ahead and join before it’s too late

You’re Gonna Love Your Membership
But If You Gotta Go…
Here’s My Signed In Blood Promise to You

I guarantee you’re going to love your membership to Pigman’s Inner Circle.

But let’s just say you can’t stick around another month.

Well I’m promising you this.

You can cancel anytime, no explanation needed.

No questions asked.

And if you ever want to join back up, I’ll leave the door open for ya, so you can get your spot back.

Because once you’re an Inner Circle member, you’re always welcome back.